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General Description:  A community support program designed to assist homeless people on an individual basis get a fresh start. The theatre company employs and trains homeless people in a way to help them get back on their feet. They are hired to script and act in theater plays that go from city to city to do performances while raising awareness and donations that go directly back to the participants.  As the basis of a reality TV show, Faded Jeans Productions films all elements and activities for TV shows of the behind-the-scenes of the play production. The scripting, acting and production is primarily done by out-of-work, homeless people. The company goes on the road to do both the live play performances and to film the entire effort for the TV show. 

Sponsorships and donations are used to sustain the effort and are used solely to fund the show and the homeless actors and stagehands who participate. All proceeds from OTS Theatre are reinvested in the show and in efforts to assist the homeless.

Purpose:  A 20- year old philanthropic program dedicated to bringing self-confidence, self-discipline, work skills and self-sufficiency to homeless individuals through the use of live theater.  The program also promotes awareness and education about the issues of homelessness to the general population by performing at schools, churches and other organizations.

Process:  Homeless individuals are recruited and sign a participation contract to become working members in a local theater production composed primarily of homeless individuals.  Participants are paid a stipend for rehearsals and productions attended, as well as receiving their share of donations and proceeds made at performances.

Funding:  Initial seed money is being provided by Faded Jeans Productions LLC to get the OTS Theatre efforts started.  Ongoing financial support will eventually be provided by ticket sales, donations, sponsorship, advertisers and syndication of a television series about the program and its participants.  All profits derived from OTS Theatre will be reinvested in the program and in other efforts to help the homeless.

Goals:  To provide a unique job training opportunity to homeless individuals with a positive influence and direct life-changing outcome for each participant that gets them back to successfully supporting themselves.

To increase awareness and understanding of homelessness through local theater performances and a "behind-the-scenes" syndicated television production that can expand the life-changing impact to more individuals.

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